CPT Codes 99490: Mystery Explicated

CPT codes 99490 are the new chronic care management codes that took effect from 1st Jan 2015. This code permits the healthcare providers to settle down various services to medicare patients for which they were not reimbursed before. Like an early adapter, though, they may be confident that their efforts need to comply with the codes to compensate the monetary benefits to their practices.

There are many financial and intangible reasons to comprise CPT Code 99490. Here we have a few main strategies as to how the healthcare providers and medical organizations can greatly streamline the reporting process and start realizing the financial profits of the CPT Codes more promptly than they might expect.

CPT Code 99490

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Cellular Connectivity for Remote Patient Monitoring

In Healthcare IT Industry, Remote- Patient Monitoring as new as it seems has been used across by medical organizations for a while… In U.S. Healthcare field, Remote Patient Monitoring begs a very important role. This has shown the great potential to reduce the cost and enhance the outcomes of the medical services. Basically, when the number of patients and their hospital-visits increase, it becomes necessary for the medical organization and healthcare providers to monitor their patient remotely. The remote monitoring device records critical patient data like blood glucose level, heart rate etc., to an application, which can be used by healthcare providers for remote examination of the patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In medical technology, cellular connectivity has produced various new opportunities for the medical organizations and that’s why many of them have already started utilizing the wireless technology for the remote patient monitoring. By utilizing mobile devices with connectivity, the data of patients can be transferred from monitoring device to the healthcare provider.  The utilization of cellular connectivity is comparatively increased in the U.S market and it is predicted that it will increase approx. up to 80% of devices connectivity by 2020.  The cellular connectivity has become a perfect means of data transmission for various reasons, involving:

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Chronic Care Management CPT 99490 – The Basic

Chronic care management with CPT codes 99490 is started by a Medicare which takes effect from 1 Jan 2015. This service starts for a patient who is suffering from multiple chronic conditions.  According to survey, in 2015 approx. 25% of adults have 2 or more chronic condition, 50% of adults has 1 or more chronic condition. The new reimbursements are in line with the CMS’s moves to focus on higher quality primary care to reduce the effort and increase the results. There are many in and out of these services. But before going deep to get the in-depth knowledge let’s take little knowledge about their basic

Who is Eligible?

For getting the eligibility in CCM Services patient has to fulfill these three criteria:

  • Patient must have two or more chronic conditions.
  • Condition is expected to be last at least for 12 months or until death of the patient.
  • Condition places the patients at significant risk of death, functional decline or acute exacerbation.

Basically the CMS does not have a list of chronic condition, they mainly provides a concise summary of condition that may apply. They also contain the data of chronic conditions which is very helpful resource for the healthcare providers and physicians. The decision totally depends upon the treating healthcare provider that what they consider a disease chronic; with the responsibility of delivering information that support the chart documentation and a suitable care plan. Also check the Benefits of Maintaining Own Personal Health Record.


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