Cellular Connectivity for Remote Patient Monitoring

In Healthcare IT Industry, Remote- Patient Monitoring as new as it seems has been used across by medical organizations for a while… In U.S. Healthcare field, Remote Patient Monitoring begs a very important role. This has shown the great potential to reduce the cost and enhance the outcomes of the medical services. Basically, when the number of patients and their hospital-visits increase, it becomes necessary for the medical organization and healthcare providers to monitor their patient remotely. The remote monitoring device records critical patient data like blood glucose level, heart rate etc., to an application, which can be used by healthcare providers for remote examination of the patients.

Remote Patient Monitoring

In medical technology, cellular connectivity has produced various new opportunities for the medical organizations and that’s why many of them have already started utilizing the wireless technology for the remote patient monitoring. By utilizing mobile devices with connectivity, the data of patients can be transferred from monitoring device to the healthcare provider.  The utilization of cellular connectivity is comparatively increased in the U.S market and it is predicted that it will increase approx. up to 80% of devices connectivity by 2020.  The cellular connectivity has become a perfect means of data transmission for various reasons, involving:

  • Automatic Transfer :

Automatic Data transfer from RPM Device to the data centers ensures the medical organization and healthcare provider of the safety and security of patient-recorded information

  • Availability :

This RPM Device can retrieve the data whenever required. Insurance Payers and the healthcare providers can access the data whenever they require for the better treatment of patients.

Health Information Exchange

  • Accessibility :

This device is accessible from anywhere in the world so that healthcare providers can access their patients’ health data whenever they require. The device also permits them to intervene and take action if needed or in case of an emergency.

  • Less Risk :

Uninterrupted monitoring reduces the chances of hospital visits.  This enables healthcare providers to cover their hospital environment into the patient’s home and permit them to provide support, apart from reducing acquired infections through hospital visits.

  • Ease of Use :

This device can be used by all patients. They can use these devices to get their health reports in a simple and effortless way. Also check Chronic Care Management CPT99490 – The Basic.

For the remote Patient Monitoring, the cellular connectivity is the best option that not only provides benefits to the healthcare provider but it also helps to enhance the patient experience and improves the quality of healthcare services.



EMed is a Consumer –Mediated Exchange portal which allow the Patient to access their health information to manage and actively participate their healthcare online.
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